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Searching for the perfect image

There are two great ways to find images on this site:

  1. Not sure what you want?
    Browse the Galleries & Collections
  2. Know what you’re looking for?
    Search for it using the Search box on the top of the page

In the search box all you have to do is type a word into the box and then hit enter. That’s it! You do not need to fill out all the selections to complete a search

But if you have more specific needs, like a particular orientation, location etc. feel free to use the other options in the drop down


On we offer two pricing tiers:

Premium Pet Images from $29


The premium pet photography comes direct from our elite pet photographers, and will be a good place to start if you’re searching for high-quality. 


Regular Pet Images from $19


The regular tier of pet photography is the bulk of what’s available on the site, and it’s aim is to be extremely high quality work, while maintaining an extremely affordable price tag.


Image use

All of our images (even the premium ones) have the same generous, no-nonsense, royalty-free licensing.

What does Royalty-Free Mean?

Royalty free means the author of the work is not entitled to any payment from the use or resale of the work beyond any initial payment that is agreed to.

In no-nonsense terms, our royalty-free image license means that when you buy an image from us you can use it for whatever you want, where ever you want, forever.  The only caveat is that the Extended License is needed when your plans for the image include uses that result in resale – such in print with over 500,000 copies or views or on product packaging.

Typically when you license images from photographers you have to pay a different price depending on what you’re using it for, but not here! Our artist’s have generously given you permission to use your images as you like, for one low price.

Here’s the actual legal jargon:

Licensee has the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to Reproduce the Licensed Material identified in the Invoice an unlimited number of times in any and all media for the following purposes (together the “Permitted Uses”):

  • Advertising and promotional materials;
  • Broadcast and theatrical exhibitions;
  • Print publications and physical products; except Licensee may not create merchandise, templates, or other products for resale or distribution where the primary value of the product is associated with the asset itself. For example, you can’t use the asset to create a poster, t-shirt, or coffee mug that someone would be specifically because of the asset printed on it.
  • Electronic publications including website design
  • Any other uses approved by the Licensor in the Invoice or otherwise in writing.
  • Licensee has the right to have the Licensed Material Reproduced by subcontractors of Licensee, provided that Licensee ensures that such subcontractors agree to abide by the provisions of this Agreement.

Licensee may alter, crop, manipulate and create derivative works of the Licensed Material.

Licensee’s rights to the Licensed Material are worldwide and perpetual.

But there are a couple tiny restrictions…

Even our uber-easy, very generous royalty-free license has a few little exceptions. Please read this, because whether you read it or not, when you use our site you agree to our Terms & Conditions, and when you buy from our site you’re agreeing to our royalty-free image license.


What is NOT included in your standard license

  1. If you want to use the image on an item you will be re-selling (ie: product packaging, in an app or software, etc.) you need to buy the extended license. No exceptions
  2. You may not sell, license, distribute and derivative work containing the images in any way that would allow a third party to download or extract the images as a stand alone file.
  3. You cannot use the images in an electronic template intended to be reproduced by third parties on electronic or printed products.
  4. These images are not available to be used in pornographic, offensive or illegal manners.
  5. Images may not have more than 10 users, and they must all be within one Company (noted on the invoice). If you intend to use them for a client, the client needs to purchase their own copy.
  6. Animalhaus images cannot incorporated into a logo, trademark or service mark.
  7. You may not post the image online in a downloadable format or enable it to be distributed via mobile telephone devices.
  8. If you use images featuring a person in
    (i) a manner that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the model personally uses or endorses a product or service; or
    (ii) connection with a subject that would be unflattering or unduly controversial to a reasonable person

You must accompany each use with a statement that indicates that the person is a model and the image is being used for illustrative purposes only.

And just to be clear… No ownership or copyright in any of our images shall pass to you. You have permission to use the images, with the restrictions stated above, you do not OWN them.

When do I need an extended license

For Photographs:

  • When the image will be reproduced more than 500,000 times.
  • When using the image in product packaging.
  • If the image will be incorporated into an item for resale in any way.

For Videos:

Extended license is required for the following:

  • TV or Radio
  • Paid-access on-demand or streaming video
  • Apps or Video Games
  • Theatrical Releases


Any Animalhaus image used in an editorial manner, must include the name of the photographer ( first & last) as well as the website where the image was acquired: and this photo credit must appear adjacent to the image in the credit line.

Example: Photo By: J.Nichole Smith /

Client Area

You’ll find ‘Client Area’ under ‘My Account’ in the top navigation bar. This is where you’ll find your invoices, past purchases and downloads.

Light Box

A Light Box is a little like a Pinterest board – it’s your own private collection where you can save images to come back to later. Anytime you’ve found an image you like, you can just click ‘add to lightbox’ and it will be there sitting in whatever lightbox you choose, for you to refer back to. This is a great tool to collect a lot of options fast, to then see all together and pick from later.

You can have multiple Lightboxes by theme, type, client etc. – it’s a great way to stay organized as you search!